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New Year message

  All the leader, colleague and partner:
  Over the years listening to the soothing, full of the joy of the 2011 harvest and the pace of drifting away, full of hopes and challenges of 2012 unannounced. On the occasion of New Year, the traditional festival is approaching, I would like our company name to all the leader, all my colleague, our partner extend festive greetings and heartfelt thanks! Care and support to all of you leader, old and new friend to extend New Year wish! To the trust and support our love ones to express my sincere greetings and heartfelt thanks!      
  The Golden Years, celebrate the arrival of spring 2012, in the past year for us is an extraordinary year in our company in 2011 assigned the task, after all the effort of our staff and struggle, smooth and successful completion of the task of the company account. Our product quality is excellent, in the new year will continue to provide our customers quality service, let us also with honors in the "2012" the grand goal.
Wish all the leader, colleague and partner, Happy New Year! Work smoothly, happy family, good soma health.  
   Chongqing Jiangnan Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
  January 13, 2012